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Every Sunday morning, Teguise is transformed and the peace and quiet of its streets give way to the hustle and bustle of a multitude of stalls and craftsmen. Here, in its streets and squares, the most important market of the Canary Islands takes place, where you can get your hands on all sorts of crafts, ceramics, wickerwork, leather goods, etc. as well as natural, typical produce, such as cheeses, wines and other products made from cacti and aloe plants. Many artists also sell their very varied works here. It is an event that no visitor should miss.

For the rest of the week though Teguise is tumbleweed territory.

An absence of hotels in the town, combined with the fact that few organised coach tours bother to stop here, results in hushed, deserted streets and squares; where the past appears to be perfectly preserved — if not frozen in time.

This, of course, makes Teguise perfect for sight seeing and anyone looking to discover the real Lanzarote should head straight here, to see just why the town was declared a site of historic and architectural importance by the Spanish government back in the 1980’s.

Location: Villa de Teguise
Day: Sunday
Time: 9.00 - 14.00

a manorial villa with a rural soul
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