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Lanzarote cheeseboard  9.80€

Selection of different local cheese.

Teguise produces a delicious goats’ milk cheese, which, depending on the degree to which it is cured, can be soft, semi-cured or cured.


Canarian potatoes with mojo sauces  5.90€

Typical canarian potatoes served with red and Green mojo sauces.

The most famous sauce of the Canarian kitchen is mojo, and it comes in many different varieties. The most famous of these are mojo rojo (red) and mojo verde (green). The first is made from tomatoes, red pepper and paprika, and is normally slightly more spicy. The green variety uses coriander and garlic, along with oil and vinegar.

Lanzarote cheeseboard+ 2xwine glass  



Canarian potatoes with mojo sauces + 2xwine glass  


The typical flavour of our


In-Room  Dining Service

If pre-order we prepare in-room dining service with typical dishes of our gastronomy.

kitchen opening time:



Black olives tapenade with roasted bread  1.90€


Vegetarian pastry  5.80€


Potatoes salad with ali-oli  4.50€


Hummus   4.50€


Falaffel   5.80€


Gofio mousse  2.50€

Gofio flour is used throughout the Canary Islands archipelago. It is toasted ground corn, wheat, barley or a mixture of cereals. It can be used in different ways, such as kneaded into a dough with water and salt, with honey, or diluted in stock, stews or milk. Gofio is a key ingredient of the Canarian diet, and is even used to prepare ice-creams, cream, sorbets and mousses.

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